Census Data Reveals Multicultural Character of Australia

As World War 2 ended, millions of people who were affected were urged to move far from their home countries. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this facilitated a change in the demographics of the Land Down Under. Currently, Australia is on the verge of becoming a home to more first and second generation …

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High-Demand for High-Tech Professionals to Work in Australia

Not so long ago, you could work at most any trade and not have a clue about computers and technology. Things have changed, however, and most every company has at least one technology division. From mining to construction to agriculture, technology is affecting every business niche. Australia Immigration Professionals is a private immigration service to …

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Australian Children to Learn Computer Language at Code Camp

Learning a second language has always been a part of the education system in Australia. In recent years, however, the Australian education system has added a new “language” to the curriculum. Computer coding is now mandatory in schools, and there are now over 18,000 students in elementary schools across Australia who are taking time after …

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Australian Economy in Great Shape

Savanth Sebastian, senior economist at CommSec, reported that Australians are in a very good place economically due to the large amount of wealth at their disposal. While Australia has a large debt, it is often forgotten that it is balanced out with the amount of wealth in the country.

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Melbourne – The World’s Most Liveable City for the Sixth Year Running

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Melbourne has been the most livable city on Earth for an impressive six years in a row. Some of the other cities that ranked after Melbourne were Vienna (#2), Vancouver (#3), Toronto (#4), Calgary and Adelaide (tied for #5), and Perth (#7). Australia Immigration Professionals is an immigration …

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