Australia’s public-private healthcare system has been ranked second in the world. New York company Commonwealth Fund studied eleven different global healthcare models, and in turn, rated their own country (i.e., the United States) as the worst. After analyzing the different models, they rated the United Kingdom as the number one system overall.

Behind number two Australia was The Netherlands and tied for fourth place was Norway and New Zealand. If you are looking to immigrate to a country with trustworthy health care for you and your family, contact Australia Immigration Professionals to apply for an Australian visa.

When the team of researchers compared the United States to Australia and other top-ranking countries, they concluded the U.S. performs poorly on health issues. “The U.S. has the highest rate of mortality amenable to healthcare and has experienced the smallest reduction in that measure during the past decade.”

They said that America spends almost twice as much as other countries on healthcare, but the performance is less than desirable. If you are in need of better healthcare, Australia Immigration Professionals stand ready to help you with the immigration process to Australia.


United States President Donald Trump said his reforms on health care would make the American system better. He has been encouraging senators to back him on the change. “Obamacare has wreaked havoc on American lives, and if we don’t replace it the calamity will only get worse, and I mean get worse by a lot,” said Trump. The president told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that Australia’s healthcare system was superior to the system in the United States.

His statement was met with confusion since the plan he proposes would be less like Australia’s. If you do not have confidence in your country’s healthcare system, contact Australia Immigration Professionals to learn if you qualify to immigrate to Australia.

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