Learning a second language has always been a part of the education system in Australia. In recent years, however, the Australian education system has added a new “language” to the curriculum. Computer coding is now mandatory in schools, and there are now over 18,000 students in elementary schools across Australia who are taking time after school, at camps, and during holidays to learn computer coding.


Australia Immigration Professionals, a private immigration service, reports that when foreign workers become long-term permanent residents of Australia, their children are permitted to partake in educational programs in the country.

This new program is called Code Camp, and it is being implemented throughout Australia’s schools because Australia does not have enough people in the country who have this skill set. In fact, Code Camp hopes to teach computer coding to at least 200,000 students by the year 2020. Australia Immigration Professionals can answer your questions about jobs in Australia, and also help you determine if you are eligible to qualify for an Australian work visa.

For the last couple of years, the Labor Party in Australia has mandated a computer coding program in all schools in the country. This new official policy has already been implemented by Queensland in 2017, adding it to their regularly taught curriculum. It is likely that other states in Australia will follow this example.

Australia Immigration Professionals is quite pleased with this new project because children of immigrants will also be permitted to take part in this new coding program.

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