Fully-Vaccinated Skilled Migrants Can Relocate to Australia

Eligible visa holders began to move to Australia again on the first day of December last year. At the time, the Australian government began to allow skilled migrants to enter the country without applying for a government exemption.

Before implementing the plan, the federal government had estimated 200,000 migrants had the relevant Australian visa. As a result of their large number, the government was hopeful that they would take up the offer between December last year and January this year.

According to Australia Immigration Professionals, it had been almost two years since foreign nationals entered the country with ease. Before the pandemic, there was no need to secure a government exemption and a mandatory quarantine.

"The federal government had estimated 200,000 migrants had the relevant Australian visa"

The Opening of Australia’s International Borders

The first day of December 2021 marked the opening of international borders in Australia. At the time, only fully vaccinated citizens, permanent residents and their families were allowed to get into the country without quarantine.

With the new rules, Australian visa holders do not need quarantine. They only need to have received a vaccine approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Also, they need to provide proof of vaccination status.

Australia Immigration Professionals added that migrants must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test within three days of departure. Upon arrival in a state or territory, they must follow the location’s quarantine requirements.

Hope for Australia’s Economy

Allowing vaccinated skilled migrants into Australia was a needed step for the country. The Australian government hoped that it would help bolster the country’s economy. Moreover, this step will help address the country’s workforce shortages.

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