Not so long ago, you could work at most any trade and not have a clue about computers and technology. Things have changed, however, and most every company has at least one technology division. From mining to construction to agriculture, technology is affecting every business niche. Australia Immigration Professionals is a private immigration service to help people who want to move to Australia to live, work and raise their children.


There have been over 40,000 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) jobs created in Australia from 2015 to 2017, according to a report by Digital Pulse in Australia. According to Anthony Wong, president of the Australian Computer Society, it’s the perfect time for ICT to take the economy to the next level.

Having just HR and customer service skills aren’t enough anymore, as technical skills such as cloud computing and web programming are also needed. Combining business skills with IT skills creates the perfect combination for jobs. Australia Immigration Professionals helps qualified people with skills to find jobs in Australia.

According to Mr. Wong, “We are looking at a pervasive application of tech across lots of new areas we have never canvassed before. Those skills are going to be deployed across a wide range of industries from manufacturing to health care, to use of robots and drones in industrial applications, to using smart devices in smart homes.”


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