For several months in a row, Australian employment has continued to grow. In April 2017, according to ABS, employment had grown by 37,400 exceeding the expectation of a 5,000 employee increase. The previous month, there had been a gain of 60,900 workers, and that had been predicted at 60,000. Australia Immigration Professionals is a private immigration service that helps foreign nationals learn if they are qualified to take advantage of any of the Australian visa worker programs.

This increase in employment in Australia during March and April 2017 brings the total to 12.099 million Australians who are employed, which is the highest number ever recorded. Employment over the previous year grew by 192,000, and at 1.61%, this increase was the fastest growth since July 2016.

Australia Immigration Professionals helps skilled foreign workers to determine their eligibility for Australian immigration programs. Those who are issued a Permanent Resident Visa to Australia are then allowed to work, live, and study in Australia long-term as well as taking advantage of benefits such as educational opportunities, free basic healthcare, and the option to apply for citizenship in Australia.


Full-time jobs decreased by approximately 11,500 in Australia, while part-time employment jumped by nearly 50,000 workers. Male employment showed a larger increase (nearly 31,000), and female employment rose but by a smaller amount (6,500). Of the Australian states and territories, Victoria showed the largest employment increase, Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia all showed increases, and South Australia is the only state that showed a decline.

This increase in the number of jobs in Australia means it could be the perfect time for foreign nationals to move there and find new employment. Australia Immigration Professionals has years of experience in helping skilled foreign workers and their families learn of their qualifications for the work visa programs in Australia.

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