Independent researchers are taking a new look at Australia’s creative industries, hotspots for jobs in this area, and what influences an area to be a hub for these jobs. They hope to show the impact on the economy due to the growth of this sector. Australia Immigration Professionals wants to work with you to help you get the assistance you need with your Australian visa application process.

Professor Stuart Cunningham of Queensland University of Technology explains, “What we’ve done over the last probably 15 years is pulled the (creative industries) bits out of different parts in the national statistics, put them together in a defensible way and shown that the creative economy is much larger – and indeed is growing at a rate that is significantly higher – than the economy as a whole.” He says they intend to replicate that information with the data of the 2016 census.

The researchers had strict perimeters for what was deemed a ‘creative occupation.’ These perimeters included the media, architecture, design, and the arts industries. When all of these are put together, you have an economic range that is much larger than previously believed.

According to Professor Cunningham, the growth rate in the digital creative industries between 2006-2011 was 4.8%. This growth was more than twice the economic growth as a whole. Australia Immigration Professionals wants to serve you by providing valuable information to help with your application process.

The Australian Research Council, Arts Queensland, and Arts New South Wales, are mainland state cultural agencies that are aiding the research with a $480,000 grant. This will benefit researchers by enabling them to qualify their analysis and figure out why certain areas have risen to become cultural hubs.

Cunningham said there are three main reasons this research is important to Australia’s economy…from an economic view, you get high growth and labour intensity, so you’re hitting the button twice.” Another benefit is that people find the work meaningful.

With this research, the decision makers and economic planners should take this industry sector with much more thought. If you are interested in moving to Australia, contact Australia Immigration Professionals today for more information.


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