New data reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows Australia’s residential population has grown by over one and a half percent, or 389,100, to 24.512 million. The increase is the fastest since 2014. Australia’s population has grown by an enormous 40 percent in the past 18 years. Most of the rise over the past year has come through immigration, totaling 231,900, and natural increase made up the difference. Australia is a welcoming country and a great place to raise a family. Consider contacting Australia Immigration Professionals for information on obtaining a visa to live and work in Australia.


Reports show that as the natural population increase is slowing in Australia, immigration is picking up at a rapid rate. It is causing the population levels that slowed before and after the global financial crisis to be stronger than previously. Over the past year, newcomers numbered 540,300. Those that moved from the country were 308,400. The increase in population totaled over 126,000 showing a quick acceleration and the largest growth in a quarter in nine years. Australia Immigration Professionals has a goal of making your transition to Australia a smooth one. They will assist you through each stage and make it affordable and simple.


Victoria is the one state seeing the largest growth in population. Michael Workman, an economist at the Commonwealth Bank, said, “Victoria’s population growth was the highest of the States. It rose by 2.43% or 149,000 over the year to March 2017.” He mentioned the strong outcomes in Victoria came from immigration and interstate migration. The yearly increase was the highest seen since 1960. About 75% of Victoria’s population resides in Melbourne. Workman said that the second-largest city in Australia is growing at a rate of 12,000 yearly. As the population grows, jobs in Australia will become available to handle the growth. Contact Australia Immigration Professionals soon to take advantage of the openings.

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