Tips About Moving to Australia

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You can find insider news about the things that will enable you to settle in as a new immigrant in Australia. In other words, there are several reputable sources of relevant information about setting up your new life both before and after your arrival in the country. Services Australia and local councils are valuable in […]

Australia Faces Labour Shortages in Several Sectors

Australia Faces Labour Shortages in Several Sectors

The list of most in-demand jobs in Australia for 2023 is quite long. This is because the country continues to face labour shortages in many of its sectors. More than half of the 20 largest employing jobs in Australia reported challenges of labour shortages. Australia Immigration Professionals said that the number of jobs advertised in […]

Australia Immigration Professionals: Registered Nurse Tops List of High-Demand Australian Jobs

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The 2022 Skills Priority List has reflected that last year exhibited significant tightening in the Australian labour market. The Skills Commission reported that many diverse occupations are experiencing a labour shortage. Top on the list of the highest in-demand occupation is registered nurses. This rating is based on the 2022 Skills Priority List, national internet […]

Fully-Vaccinated Skilled Migrants Can Relocate to Australia


Fully-Vaccinated Skilled Migrants Can Relocate to Australia Eligible visa holders began to move to Australia again on the first day of December last year. At the time, the Australian government began to allow skilled migrants to enter the country without applying for a government exemption. Before implementing the plan, the federal government had estimated 200,000 […]

Strong Demand for Workers in Australia Despite Omicron

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The owner of a barbershop in Sydney will be glad when Australia reopens the international borders. Renee Baltov is finding it incredibly difficult to find new workers, even after trying many different avenues. She is looking to Australian immigration as the key to finding skilled workers. She agrees it is cheaper and easier to hire […]

Watch: Most Australian Residents Support Immigration

Andrew Markus, a researcher at Melbourne’s Monash University, recently said even with concerns about population management, 82 percent of people surveyed said immigrants actually improve Australian society “by bringing new ideas and cultures.”Eighty percent also believed “immigrants are generally good for Australia’s economy.”